About Me

Hi and Welcome! 🙂

I’m Mary Colleen – since we’re friends, you can just call me Colleen 🙂

I’m 23 and I am a Northern Virginia native. I’m extremely passionate about food, fitness, healthy living and enjoying life 😉

My Background

I have not always been a healthy living fanatic. Throughout middle school and high school I struggled with self-acceptance. I thought that “skinny” was synonymous with “beautiful” – and I thought the only way to be “beautiful” was to obsess over and restrict what I ate.

Once I went off to college, everything just clicked. I was tired of being hungry and a new gym open on campus, so I decided to try it out. That was the first time I’d ever stepped into a gym. I was terrified. I meekly made my way over to the elliptical and almost broke my neck getting on. Did that skinny girl just see me?! I started truckin’ away. Oh yeah – my lungs were burning. My legs felt like jell-0. I.was.sweating. I had covered the timer with my towel – and when I felt like I was close to my goal of 20 minutes, I took a peak: 9:25. Nine minutes and twenty five seconds. I got off the machine, feeling defeated. But the next day, I went back and made it to 18 minutes before taking my towel peak 😉 Long story short – in a short time, I saw improvement: in my endurance, in my confidence, in my mood, in my diet. This whole “healthy” thing made me feel good. Over the past four years I’ve worked hard on building a healthy relationship with food, exercise, fun and myself. I’ve started a blog because I want others to know that living a healthy, balanced life doesn’t consist of working out for hours on end or eating tasteless foods. I hope this blog encompasses and documents the constant journey I’m on: to keep my meals healthy, my drinks strong, and my to keep my busy life (pretty) balanced!

The Most Important Mixers in My Life:


Cory and I met my first weekend in college, and he was a junior. He graduated two years before me but stayed to get his MBA, so be both graduated together in May and he proposed!! (My mom gets this photo cred) He’s my best friend, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found my other half so early in life.

My Parents – Kate and Jeff

My parents are just wonderful. They’ve always been my number one supporters. In fact, my mom may be the only person that reads this blog. My parents created a life for my brother and I that was full of love, laughter and fun. They’ve been married almost25 years. That’s a pretty big deal.

My “little” Brother

I got lucky in this area of life as well. My brother is one of my best friends. He’s outrageously funny (but don’t tell him that) and has never met a stranger. I always have fun with him! Cory, Brian and I went backpacking through Europe after graduation.

That’s all our luggage for two weeks in Europe! We walked all over Madrid, Paris and Rome. What an adventure with my two favorite men! 🙂

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my blog!!


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